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The Fat Kid is, as of this moment, a one-woman team. My name is Monica and I was the fat kid growing up, which I was taught to internalise as a negative. I have always loved fashion and styling but being fat in a fatphobic society makes pursuing such passions pretty difficult. Most shops don't carry plus sizes, and when they do they only include up to (at best) a UK size 24. This makes being sustainable and fashionable as a fat person much harder than for straight-sized people. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for many years, shopping second-hand or vintage can be very triggering since finding trendy, bigger-sized clothing is rare.  


This is how The Fat Kid was born.

The goal for The Fat Kid is to remove the time and possible triggering nature of having to sift through all the size 8s and 10s and to be able to come to a site you know is designed for you as a fat person. I find each piece individually across many different locations and curate them into complete outfits which can be bought together or separately. Finding items in second-hand stores and knowing how to style them to look like what you enjoy can also be challenging for some people which is why I also included this element (as well as a personal love for constructing outfits). 

Our slogan "Join the fat revolution" highlights the underpinning ideology of The Fat Kid and me which encourages the demolition of diet culture and fatphobia. Together we can speak up and look hella hot at the same time.

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At The Fat Kid, our goal is to provide those in society who struggle to find their sizes with an experience tailored to them and of course trendy clothes. Therefore, we would prefer you didn't buy sizes which are too big for you to wear as oversized or to customise to fit a smaller body. Please only ever buy items that are within your size range, with a maximum of 2 UK sizes up to keep The Fat Kid a safe space for plus-sized peeps. Thank you!

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